Same Old Christmas // by Taylor Tripodi



Same Old Christmas - 2018 SINGLE

We are excited to announce Taylor Tripodi’s original Christmas single, Same Old Christmas! This playful and lighthearted jazz tune recollects the sweet memories of the holiday season. With a hooky electric, sweeping strings, piano and rhodes, and drum kit + upright bass, this song will definitely get you ready for Christmas!




Live Acoustic Video


Single Credits

Taylor Tripodi: vocals, songwriter

Ben Wagner: songwriter

Kevin Terry: cello

Jeremy Mayfield: piano, rhodes, organ

Tim Buell: drums

John Bertucci: assistant producer, electric guitar, upright bass

Shawn Williams: lead producer, lead tracking engineer, violin, string arranger, bells, percussion, mastering engineer, songwriter

Jeffrey B. Thomas: tracking engineer (electric guitar), mixing engineer

Album artwork: Shawn Williams

Lyric video: Shawn Williams

Release date: December 7, 2018

Recording studio: Papercastle Records (Nashville, TN)