Marvelous Mystery // by Ezekiel



Marvelous Mystery - 2017 SINGLE

Marvelous Mystery is the debut single released by Ezekiel, an independent Catholic band that comprises of Maryanne Muglia, Dominic Smith, and Christian Nguyen. Ezekiel were the winners of the Awaken Competition hosted by Focus and Papercastle Records at SEEK 2017. By winning, the band members had the opportunity to travel to Nashville and record this single with Shawn Williams and his team! This original worship song is a hauntingly beautiful song for reflection and prayer.


Single Credits

Maryanne Muglia: vocals, songwriting

Dominic Smith: vocals, songwriting, acoustic guitar, djimbe

Christian Nguyen: vocals, songwriting, piano, string arranger

Kevin Terry: cello

Shawn Williams: producer, tracking engineer, pads, violin, added piano, percussion

Jeff B. Thomas: mixing engineer, mastering engineer

Album design: Gina Schutz

Release date: May 22, 2018

Recording studio: Papercastle Records (Nashville, TN)