Jesus I Trust // by Matt Faley



Jesus I Trust - 2018 SINGLE

Matt Faley, singer-songwriter hailing from Indianapolis, Indiana, loves telling stories of life and love through his songwriting. In addition to his secular writing, Matt enjoys writing and leading worship for church communities around the US. This song, Jesus, I Trust, is a simple, yet powerful prayer of the heart. “Jesus, I trust in you and your love, and your mercy. I trust.”




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Single Credits

Matt Faley: vocals, songwriter, acoustic guitar

Sarah Kroger: background vocals

Kevin Terry: cello

Shawn Williams: producer, tracking engineer, piano, violins, pads, bells, electric bass, percussion, string arranger

Jeffrey B. Thomas: mixing engineer

Dylan Seals: mastering engineer

Album artwork: Katie Sahm

Release date: August 2nd, 2019

Recording studio: Papercastle Records (Nashville, TN)