Devotion Vol. 1 // by The Vigil Project



DEVOTIoN VoL. 1 - 2018 EP

Devotion Vol. 1 is brand new worship EP series from The Vigil Project. This seven song album features founding artists John Finch, Andrea Thomas, Greg and Lizzy Boudreaux, and Shawn Williams along with introducing new collaborating artists Ben Walther, Danielle Noonan, Tom Young, and Ben Batalla.

Devotion vol. 1 by The Vigil Project



ALBUM Credits

John Finch: vocals, songwriter

Andrea Thomas: vocals, songwriter

Lizzy Boudreaux: vocals, songwriter

Greg Boudreaux: vocals, songwriter, acoustic guitar, assistant engineer (vocals)

Ben Walther: vocals, songwriter

Danielle Noonan: vocals, songwriter

Tom Young: vocals, songwriter

Rebecca Roubion: vocals

Ben Batalla: composer, piano

John Bertucci: electric guitars, OP1, drum programming, synths

Jeremy Mayfield: piano

Kevin Terry: cello

Tim Buell: drums, percussion

Shawn Williams: producer, lead tracking engineer, composer, pads, synth, violin, string arranger, acoustic guitar, piano, drum programming, percussion, bass

Jeffrey B. Thomas: mixing engineer, mastering engineer, programming

Shane D. Wilson: mixing engineer

Evan Sieling: mixing engineer, electric guitars, electric bass, drums

Dylan Seals: mastering engineer

Album artwork: Shawn Williams

Album photographer: Jon Weiss

Lyric videos: Dan Johnson (4PM Media), Shawn Williams (Papercastle Records)

Release date: 2018

Recording studio: Papercastle Records (Nashville, TN)