BE STILL | EP (2015)




Writers:  Keri Edwards (except "I Am Not Alone")

Arranger + Songwriter Coach:  Shawn Williams

Producer:  Shawn Williams

Audio Engineer:  Shawn Williams

Mixing Engineer:  Shawn Williams

Mastering Engineer:  Luke Gilfeather



  • Keri Edwards:  lead vocals, background vocals, acoustic guitar ("Ignite")
  • Shawn Williams:  acoustic guitars, pianos, pads/synth, organ, violin, electric guitars, electric bass, percussion, drums, background vocals, additional programming
  • James Rosenbloom:  cello
  • Kevin Terry:  cello ("I Am Not Alone")



I'm tremendously excited about my four song worship EP, Be Still, that I recorded with the help of Papercastle Records! Last year I experienced a difficult season in my faith journey. Spiritually, I felt like I was in a wilderness of darkness and confusion. It started when I watched a terrorist video. I'd never watched one before, and I haven't watched one since. That night, I almost didn't watch it at all. There was a part of me, though, that felt like I needed to see it because the reality of the level of persecution that is going on in the world just did not seem real to me up to that point and I felt like it should. I’d heard about it, I’d prayed for the people, and then I’d gone on my merry way, living my life, freely worshiping my God.

That video involved an 11 year old boy. At the time, my son was 11.  This video shook me to my core. It shook my faith. It was horrific. I spiraled into this private, silent abyss where I believed in God, and I knew that he loves me, but I couldn't find any consolation in that knowledge.  Through all of these questions and struggles and angry feelings, I wrote the third song on the EP, You Are I Am. This song is me, down in the depths of despair, crying out my bitter confusion, but acknowledging that no matter what I don't understand, no matter how angry and upset I am about this, he is God. Ultimately, I don't have to have all the answers.

The last song and title track on the EP, Be Still, is a reflection of the healing that took place when I finally sat down and said these things out loud, asked God why, and told him, "This shook me. I don't understand what you're doing. I don't understand why you let this happen." The song paints the picture of my healing process. Jesus found me mourning and weeping. He let me cry. He picked me up, brushed me off, danced with me, healed me, soothed me, and restored me. As a songwriter, the process of writing these songs was an immense source of healing. My hope is that as you're listening to them and worshiping through them, you can share in these moments of grace and healing, too.