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Papercastle Records
Music recording studio in Nashville, Tennessee | Helping artists, songwriters, and musicians professional record their music.

Welcome to Papercastle Records!

We help artists, musicians, and songwriters professionally record their music.

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How Can We Help?

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Music Production Packages

We guide artists through every step of the recording process, from start to finish. Our job is to take your creative ideas and bring them to life in the studio! Plus plan and execute a successful marketing/release strategy.

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Educate And Empower

Although we can only work with a handful of artists in the studio each year, we desire to empower every musician with valuable resources and tools to further your art!

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Additional Services

A career in music takes more than just pure talent; branding… marketing… songwriting… photo shoots… website… social media…. the list goes on! We want to help.






Updates on NEW MUSIC, exclusive content, and cool freebies!


Educating and empowering indie artists + musicians


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