What is Papercastle Records?

Papercastle Records is a Catholic music production company specializing in all aspects of recorded music. Our professional creative team consists of music producers, audio engineers, session musicians, songwriters, and mentors who desire to invest in great Catholic art (both secular and Christian music).


Is Papercastle Records a record label or publishing company?

No. We do not manage, own, or creatively control an artist or their brand. We do not claim to be a record label or publishing company, but rather as a "work-for-hire" company for recording services. 

On occasion, Papercastle Records will invest in a recording project, which requires us to own a portion or all of the copyright. However, with most of our standard recording contracts, the artist(s) / songwriter(s) will maintain ownership of all copyrights.


What if I am a Catholic / Christian that writes and performs secular music?

The Church needs you!! In a culture that does not listen to truth or facts, we must approach evangelization from a very authentic and real human expression. Music is simply a language. Songwriting is often used to express your inner thoughts, to connect to another human, to tell a story. We believe that all music created out of authentic expression and ultimately directed towards the good is of importance and should be deemed beautiful. A song's lyrics do not need to speak directly about God or Jesus in order to bring people closer to Christ.


What if I am a Catholic / Christian that writes and performs worship music?

The Church needs you too!! Obviously. However, we must do it with excellence!

Far too often, there is a fear of critiquing "Christian music." We often settle on quality because "the message is good." Our goal is to pioneer a new standard of recorded music and songwriting for the Church and it's parishioners. Together, we can more fully enter into the co-creation process with Christ.


What makes Papercastle different from other production companies?

First and foremost, we are a community of creatives who have been called by God to evangelize through the gift of music. It is so clear to see how much art and music influence our culture and society, both in a positive and negative manner. We understand and believe that beautiful art has the power to bring about change and healing. However, it must be done with excellence! The large majority of our Church has NOT provided sufficient time, effort, or finances towards this standard of quality. As a Catholic creative community, Papercastle Records is striving to rekindle the passion and reverence for good, true, and beautiful art, both in our parishes and among the world at large.

Another huge aspect of Papercastle's mission is the importance of an honest team and the cultivation of a faithful creative community. Although the quality of music we are investing in is extremely important, we more fully desire to invest in the entire human person behind the song. We want to pour into the future leaders of the Catholic music industry.