He Rose Again


"The light shines in the darkness, and the darkness shall not overcome it." - John 1:5

Sometimes I am tempted in my own faith journey to focus on suffering. There have been seasons when I have spent significant energy and thought (and if I’m being honest, maybe even self pity) focussing on Good Friday and toward the cross. Of course we believe in the insurmountable value of suffering, but it is only because of the reality of the Resurrection. Not matter how hard life gets, not matter how difficult a situation may be, and no matter how impossible it seems for goodness to come out of a bad situation, He has the victory! He rose again! Death could not hold him. 

Even still, I imagine that there was a heavy confusion and perhaps even feelings of despair following Good Friday. The verses of this song, “He Rose Again”, come from that mindset of confusion. God’s ways are simply not our ways. It looked very grim and despairing for Jesus’ followers after He died. From the human eye, it looked like He lost. It looked like His followers were deceived. How often do we feel that way in our own lives? Sometimes it’s just confusing why things happen the way they do, and yet He works all things to the good for those who love him. In those moments of confusion and doubt of Jesus’ victory in our own lives, we must hold on to our faith; we must cling to the reality of His victory. Life will never be perfect here on earth. Even while we live in the victory of the resurrection, things will still fall short of the perfection for which we were made. For that perfection we wait in joyful hope! 

Allow me, for a moment, to tell you about the chorus of this song (it’s my favorite part!): The chorus of "He Rose Again", especially toward the end of the song as everyone harmonizes together, is such a beautiful reminder to me of how we keep vigil in our hearts. We support each other, we love one another, we work together; this is what it means to be the body of Christ! If everyone had the same harmony or played the same instrument, it simply would not have the same beauty and effect. Living in the reality of the Resurrection necessitates a response. We glorify the Giver of all good gifts by using ours!

Here at The Vigil Project, our team has felt convicted to give the Church songs to pray with during the Lenten and Easter seasons, yes, but also as songs for your earthen journey. To some degree, we all hold vigil in our hearts until we are called home. Let us embrace His victory and live our lives in the confidence of the Resurrection. We have been very blessed to journey with you through these most sacred seasons. Alleluia! He rose again!

Written by: Andrea Thomas